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Leedh Processing 

Lossless Digital Volume control

Some digital processing increase the necessary number of bits for coding the processed signal. 
So this number of bits can exceed the limit of the DAC conversion, requiring a truncation of the signal. 

Indeed this truncation destroys part of the information contained in the signal.


The LEEDH PROCESSING principle consists of minimizing the number of additional bits, in order to reduce or to eliminate the truncation-related loss of information.


The LEEDH PROCESSING allows to optimize the following digital operations:

Volume control
File compression 

The first commercial application of the LEEDH PROCESSING is related to Volume processing. 

The main issue is to understand wether the usual truncation of data due to the noise floor of the best D/A converters is in fact audible or not, compared to our proprietary algorithm. 

Our technology now available on the whole range of LUMIN network players allows such A-B comparison as the Leedh Processing can be disabled directly from the Lumin app settings. Then, it is possible to compare usual dithering technique with our patented technology.

So everyone should be aware of the benefits provided by the LEEDH PROCESSING Volume, and of the loss of information created by conventional volume controllers within both digital, whatever its number of bits,  and analog domains (see commentaries from LUMIN users).

The listening advantages of the LEEDH PROCESSING are as obvious when combined with ASRC as with SRC digital treatments, and wether using floating point values or integers.

On the other hand, a scientific report from SUPSI (Swiss university) objectively demonstrates the superiority of the LEEDH PROCESSING Volume over the conventional volume controllers (see White Paper).

Considering what was mentioned above, we can argue that the LEEDH PROCESSING Volume is the first    « LOSSLESS » Volume controller.

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