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Here are some listener's comments with sources

Got a chance to test the new Leedh volume control last night briefly. It was fantastic. Typically having an active preamp has produced better performance in my system.// I need to do more testing but my initial reaction was that there was more clarity and detail and also more body to the instuments and more dynamics with no apparent trade-offs so far(Roy Boy/ link)

Today the leedh volume control give a bit more relaxed presentation with better tone accuracy, better resolution on fine details, increased naturalness in voices, acoustical instruments that seems less compressed, less planed at one end instead of being gradually attenuated over the entire strip with respect of each levels of dynamics.(Nicolas_Benoist/ link)

well... Leedh ON/OFF difference is very obvious: transparency, body, detail, “air”...(pl_svnpaolo/ link)

very impressed with the more natural sound...not that itwas bad before....just incredible now (calloway/ link)

LEEDH equalization (digital volume) "works" I mean that -IMHO-it smoothly/smoothesthe very high range in favour of a more "full-bodied" presentation without affecting the "geometry" (stereophonic image, 3D scene ...) (Luca/ link)

The change is really very noticeable.More controlled bass with greater impact.Greater separation of instruments.Higher level of detail in general. Smoother and more natural treble.Higher level of silence.Music is really much more enjoyable.(Soniq/ link)

On much program material, there is an absence of artifacts and a see-through realism which allow me to suspend disbelief to an extent never before possible. This is even true for much low-bit-rate internet radio material.Even at extremely low volume levels (didn't want to wake my sleeping spouse, of course!) of between 8 to 10 on the 100-point volume scale ("normal" high volume for me in this system is about 72 orso), the added clarity and transparency were amazing. It's like I suddenly had Quad 57s or some other speaker known for extreme transparency even at very low volume levels.(tmallin/ link)

Leedhdigital volume has raised my system performance significantly. Overall clarity is very noticeably improved. Bass has much better „form‟ and relationship with the overall frequency response. There is great life and rhythmic vitality in a natural unforced way( Liam / link)

This change has enhanced my listening pleasure more than I could have imagined. ( Bluesky / link)

I did not really expect much from the change (especially after a few hickups in the beginning, which were entirely my own fault), but what can I say …?
I was totally blown away by the difference in sound! ( Elmar_Heimes / link )

I can hear a slightly improved image and the bass feels tighter… ( Benjamin_Pitot / link)

My X1 sings with Firmware 13/13a. To my ears, it’s a significant upgrade from version 12.


I use a preamp, so I have Volume off (100%) and Leedh Volume on in Lumin app settings. ( BRW / link )

I would just like to chime in and say that the Leedh firmware addition is a FANTASTIC add! My entire music collection has been reborn. I cannot fathom going back to adjusting volume through the pre-amp. Tip of the cap to you guys at Lumin for providing this free of charge. So very unique in this day and age. I purchased the A1 not too long after its inception, and am still enjoying it to this day. The Leedh processing is like an A1 on steroids. Nice amount of veil lifting.… ( soundqcar / link)

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